About Greg


- Fyffe High School Class of 1990 Salutatorian

- Snead State Junior College

- Auburn University in Electrical Engineering

Work Experience

- Started career in telecommunications for Farmers Telecommunications Co-op 1996

- Worked as installer/repairman

- Worked as cable/fiber splicer

- Supervisor for outside plant engineering/construction

- Started contract splicing company in 2005

- Started lease hauling business in 2019


- Parents Dale and Brenda Mashburn

- Married to Denise Drain Mashburn

- Son Ayden Mashburn


- Members of Scottsboro First Baptist

- Served as Deacon

- Served on Personnel Committee


Since joining the council in 2018, we have started a lease program for solid waste and public works which greatly reduced our maintenance cost. We initiated another bond issue, which made funds available for the heritage center, rebuilding Parks Ave bridge, and begin construction on new cells at our landfill. We also provided funding for additional student resource officers.

We completed two storm shelters: 1. Boys and girls club 2. Randalls Chapel. We have approved a third location for south Scottsboro. We also approved a 10% matching grant for the highway safety program at county park road and Hwy 72. We approved funding for paving Snodgrass/Gant road projected start time August. We refinanced an existing bond saving 200k to be used for paving.

We have approved funding for starting our recycling program back. We provided funding and support for a grant expanding our airport. We secured funding in the amount of 20k for Scottsboro Boys Museum.

I will continue to work with other leaders to push for funding for paving streets, public safety, and tourism. I will always support all of our departments within the city in fair pay, training and the best equipment available. I will strive for transparency and accountability within city government. I will push for industrial as well as economic growth. I will always support civic and community development.

I am proud to live in Scottsboro and I am committed to the citizens of Scottsboro lets make this commitment together.